Shower Enclosures



From $1,830


From $2,630


From $1,890

Technical Details

Glass Thickness

Monolithic 3/8" (10mm)

Panel Fabrication

Cut to meet square, non-square, elbowed, and/or angled surface conditions

Tempered for toughness, safety, and compliance

Chamfered panel perimeter edges

Hardware Finishes

Brushed nickel

Polished chrome

Matte black

Brushed bronze

Polished nickel

Dark bronze

Fittings Styles

Beveled One-Design

Hinge Features

Bidirectional swing inward and outward

Self-centering close within 15º of enclosure centerline

Door Handles

Size of 8" hole-to-hole

Available with or without metal washers

Polycarbonate Seals

Sweep provides water retention with 45º deflector, two soft fins

Bulb strips bonded to vertical edges of door at applicable gaps

Material Construction

Hinges, clamps constructed of solid brass

Handles constructed of solid or tubular brass

Header, channel constructed of anodized aluminum

Seals constructed of polycarbonate